The open-source loan management system

Corefin comes with all the features to build a powerful and compliant lending engine.

// Create new loan
curl --location 'http://api.corefin.com/loans' \
    --header "Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY" \
    --data '{"term": 6, "originated_amount": 1000, "currency": "USD", "targetInterestRate": 0.10, ...}'

// Make payment
curl --location 'http://api.corefin.com/payments/$LOAN_ID/makePayment' \
    --header "Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY" \
    --data '{"amount": 171.56, ...}'

API-driven loan management

Manage loans directly through APIs. Never manage them through spreadsheets again.

Built-in auditability

Trace every action that you take on your loan. Generate reports for your team in seconds.

Fully configurable

As an open-source LMS, Corefin is transparent and fully configurable to launch any lending product.